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Of Our Own Volition

In 2007, the Qwerty Girls Aleathea Monsour and Katy Forde's musical “Volition” was selected for the prestigious Metro Arts Independents Program. The same year, the team also won the Metro Arts BizArts Makers Scholarship, which included inner-city office space and one full year of arts business training. So all in all, the QWERTY girls spent a very happy year as part of the Metro Arts family, which they remember with fond and sappy grins.

Poor little Volition hasn't had much of a look-in lately, as the QWERTY girls have been focussed more on Lilian and Lottie, but this little fella is still ticking along in the background as something the girls would like to revisit one day.

What's the show about?

"Volition" is about a young couple, Cory and Jess, who are telemarketers. They don't have much excitement in thier lives or heat in their relationship. In an attempt to light a spark, Cory convinces Jess to spend the night alone in a deserted old gaol.  But are they really alone...?

The world's smallest musical

The QWERTIES set out to write a really, really tiny musical, with only three characters: Jess, Cory and, of course, a Ghost. We created a larger scope with the use of technology and the brain of Aleathea's brother, Linus Monsour. Linus is a technical genius, and he was able to do the coolest things in the world, such as wiring EVERY seat in the theatre with its own sound system, so ghosts could whisper directly into the ears of individual audience members. We also bolted bass shakers to the seats, so the audience could feel the coming of evil spirits...

"Of Our Own Volition" - the 2007 run

Huge thanks to Vaz for these gorgeous shots!