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Our songs

Every so often, when the mood strikes, we create a little YouTube video of a song. Enjoy.


Purple Tree

We wrote this song for our Lilian Cooper project. It is a song is about an Australian soldier far away from his home. He remembers his mum, and the jacaranda tree in the backyard.




Ask Me Once Again

This song is not for a musical. It was just for us. We wrote it as our wedding song.

About this song: This love song tells the story of how we (the Qwerty Girls) got together and fell in love. We call it our wedding song (because we can have a wedding song, even if we can’t have a wedding!). They lyric 'ask me once again' is about how, when two people love each other, they've already said the important things to each other. But on your wedding day, you ask again - and there's something very important and magical about that.


I'm in love with TED

We wrote a song about TED talks. With the help of family and friends, we produced this video clip in just 24 hours from start to finish (including editing!). Aleathea's brilliant brother Luke went above and beyond - he filmed and edited the video clip with expert speed. Aleathea's other brother Linus recorded the song and did the drums, and yet another of Aleathea's brothers, Simon, did lead guitar. And heaps of family and friends came round to help and join in, including Cindy, Robyn, Gabriella, Anne and Laurie.


More songs?

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