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The "Lilian Cooper" project

The "Lilian Cooper" project (working title) is a musical written by the QWERTY girls (Katy Forde and Aleathea Monsour). This project won the Lord Mayor's Helen Taylor Award for Local History from the Brisbane City Council. The majority of this funding helped Katy Forde research Lilian's life: a project that produced some startling results.

Who was Lilian Cooper?

Lilian Cooper was Australia's first female surgeon. Along with her life partner Josephine Bedford, Dr Cooper lived a life of courage and authenticity.

This musical will bring their incredible story to life.

Dr Lilian Cooper

Songs from the show


'Run' is sung by Lilian Cooper and Sydney heiress Olive King as they express their feelings of being trapped by their own circumstances. Later, the two women take themselves off to war!


Purple tree

This song is sung by an Aussie soldier after he is wounded on the battlefield.

Thank you!

A huge thankyou to the Brisbane City Council for awarding us the Helen Taylor prize. Without this prize, we would not have been able to conduct extensive research into the life of Lilian Cooper.